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Case Management

Health Works NSW supports people within their home, work and community to reach their goals. Our focus is on ensuring all team members and treating professionals are on the same page and listening to what the person and family wants.

Health Works NSW provides contract work to National rehabilitation provider for workers compensation claims. Our aim is to maximise a persons’ capacity to return to functional independence following an injury. We work in collaboration with all key stakeholders to achieve a client’s goals by undertaking thorough assessments, and providing evidence-based interventions.

Services include:

  • Initial Needs Assessments focusing on activities of daily living and return to work.
  • Rehabilitation Plans in accordance with Motor Accident Authority (MAA) requirements.
  • Case Management which is tailored to each client’s specific needs.
  • Occupational Therapy including activities of daily living, equipment prescription, functional education, environmental modifications and care needs assessments.