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Corporate Services

Health Works NSW provides a full range of Corporate Services including pre-employment medicals, ergonomic assessments, manual handling training, driving assessments, and case management.

Pre-Employment Medicals – We provide pre-employments in Dubbo, Orange, Bathurst and Mudgee. We can also delivery onsite assessments throughout NSW. We complete mining medicals, Drug and Alcohol testing, spirometry and hearing assessments. We can also complete immunisation and flu vaccinations. READ MORE

Ergonomic Assessments and Training – Health Works provides ergonomic training and assessments designed to assess your worker’s workstations and home offices to ensure they are set up to minimise the risk of injury, boost the employee’s health and wellbeing, and enhance their productivity and performance.

Manual Handling Training – We deliver accredited training to organisations, staff and carers for correct workplace procedure and correct equipment use.

Driving Assessments – We carry out on and off-road assessments. READ MORE

Occupational Rehabilitation Contract work – Health Works carries out contract work for other occupational rehabilitation providers including case management. READ MORE